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About Us

Dhammawasa thero

The President and the Chief Incumbent, of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Monastery, the Most Venerable, Vishva Kirthi, Dhamma Visharada, Panditharcharya, Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero is the Principal and the Senior Adviser to both schools. Ven. Thero is the chief incumbent of the Sri Subodharamaya International Buddhist Centre in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, The Chief Sanganayaka of the Central Province of Sri Lanka and the Chief Sanganayaka of Australia.

Aims and Objectives

The ultimate aim of learning and practicing Buddhism is to realise the Dhamma and attain Nibbana, The immediate objectives are to help our students to learn and understand the Dhamma so that they could face challenges that confront them in their daily lives and to make them well rounded, happy, and balanced people. Students will be able to live in harmony with their fellow beings through a process of adjustments based on true knowledge learnt in Buddhism.

Buddhism teaches clear thinking, self control and mental clarity. One who builds his/her daily life upon this firm foundation of appropriate knowledge and clear-sighted ideas is assured of progress and success in their lives. The Buddha-Dhamma is a guide to daily life, and its basic principles are of great practical value in the art of living. The overall objective of the Buddhist teachings is not only for the Sri Lankans but also for the vast majority of Australians. The teachings will be taught according to the way the Buddha had envisaged, through; Paryapthi(Learning), Pratipathi(Practice) and Prathiveda(Realising).