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New students will be enrolled at the beginning of each year, on the first Saturday after the school holidays, and in July each year. However, students may be enrolled during the year when vacancies arise. Dhamma Text Books can be obtained from your class teacher at the time of enrolment.

Application Form

Please fill this form and send your application to monastery email: or hand over to academic staff member of Yasodhara Dhamma School

School Uniforms for Students

All students will be required to wear a Dhamma School uniform. Students will be required to wear this uniform throughout their schooling in the Dhamma and Sinhala School. It would be appreciated if students adhere to the dress code, in order to maintain discipline. Uniforms can be purchased through Dhamma School coordinators during school hours.

Classroom Placements

The normal procedure of grouping children into class levels or grades according to the State School system is not followed in the Dhamma School. Instead the students are grouped according to their Dhamma knowledge and the level of understanding in order to enhance student learning, and to expect better learning outcomes.

Rule and Regulations for Students

  • Follow the Code of Discipline laid by the Monastery and classroom rules during and after classes
  • Prefects need to wear their prefect badges at all times and attend to their duties consistently
  • Behave in the best manner and use quiet voices at all times
  • Respect Ven. Monks, teachers, parents, School Captains, Prefects and follow their instructions well
  • Respect fellow students and do not disturb them in or outside the classes
  • Attend all classes regularly, actively and participate in class activities
  • Wear appropriate clothing according to the school dress code and wear Class/Class Leader/School Leader Badges at all times
  • Remove footwear, Hats & Caps when entering the temple
  • Arrive on time and behave appropriately during classes
  • Bring the necessary books, sharpened pencils and all stationery
  • Practice what you learn in the Sinhala and Dhamma Schools in your real life

Parents are obliged to make sure that

  • Your child attends all classes regularly throughout the year, and on time
  • Make sure that he/she attends to Buddha Vandana procedures on time
  • Your child does not stay outside the hall, during Buddha Vandana time
  • Your child wears appropriate clothing according to the dress code
  • Your child brings Sinhala and Dhamma School books, text books and stationery to each class. Do not forget to send a snack with a bottle of water with your child
  • Assist in Classroom preparation and cleaning according to the Cleaning Roster
  • Clean the Temple premises whenever possible. This can be done while your child is attending classes
Class Name Age/Year Level in Usual Regular School
Pre-School Age 4½ Years and above
Grade 1 Year 1 Classes
Grade 2 Year 2-3 Classes, Students who are able to read and write in English.
Grade 3 Year 3-4 Classes
Basic Stream Year 4-5 Classes,Students are prepared for the YMBA Basic Stream Examination that is held in June, each year.
Junior Part 1 Year 5-6 Classes,Students are prepared for the YMBA
Junior part1 Examination that is held in June, each year.
Junior Part 2 Year 6-7 Classes, Students are prepared for the YMBA Junior part2 Examination that is held in June, each year.
Senior Part 1 Year 7-8 Classes, Students are prepared for the YMBA Senior part 1 Examination.
Senior Part 2 Year 8-9 Classes, Students are prepared for the YMBA Senior Examination.
Diploma Year 9 & above Classes, Students will be prepared for the Final Diploma Examination, (Dharmmacharya Examination)
Parents are urged to bring students regularly to classes and be on time to minimize disturbances. This will avoid the teachers having to repeat lessons. Please make sure that your children bring their exercise books, the Dhamma textbooks and pencil cases to the classes. Help make them read and learn previously learned lessons to keep up with the learning.

Please have your children dressed in proper attire as a mark of respect to the Monastery. Each year there is a special Bodhi Pooja conducted to bless all school students (i.e. those who are beginning for the first time, primary and secondary students) and the students who are commencing tertiary studies. This will be held during the last Saturday of the school holidays.