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Chief Incumbent Thero

Venerable Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero
He is friendly, sincere, humble, and devout. He has no enemies and shows no envy and is a symbol of compassion and loving-kindness. He is a religious as well as an intuitive social worker who is on standby to rescue and help the victims of natural disasters. He is an exemplary teacher who turns out many of the finest and brilliant students in Dhamma who are now scattered all over the world serving the Buddha Sasana. He is a craftsman and a master builder who can renovate and re- build aging structures, and take up challenges to turn brick and mortar into new complexes and monasteries. He has long served the Buddha’s Dispensation as an emissary or cultural attaché by establishing monasteries in many countries. Above all, he is a committed Bhikkhu upholding the monastic vows and actively engaged in sowing the seeds of peace and harmony on foreign soil.
This versatile and virtuous character is none other than our most revered Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayake Thero – The Chief Incumbent of Sri Lankarama Maha Vihara and the President of the SLBM as well as the Cardinal Monk (Sangha Nayake) of Australia for the Amarapura Sect.
Since his arrival at our monastery in 1994, he has been working strenuously with his pupils, fellow-associates and the laity to transform our temple to a prestigious Buddhist Precinct to be crowned as the epicentre of Theravada Buddhism in the State of Queensland. As a recognition of his eminent service to the Buddha Sasana of Sri Lanka and abroad, in 2010, he was elevated to the rank of Cardinal Monk of Central Province, Sri Lanka.
After becoming the President and Chief Incumbent of SLBM, our Nayake Thero has made a magnificent effort to revive the monastery and consolidate the congregation. His leadership and guidance gave a big boost to the morale and confidence of the people, and this in turn made a lasting impact on the community. There is no doubt that he has left deep tracks on Australian soil, and carved a niche for the advancement of pristine Theravada Buddhism in this country. It is said that Buddhism is currently the fastest growing religion in Australia, and it appears that this trend is set to continue.
Dhammawasa thero