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If our mind is polluted by craving, greed, hatred, ignorance and attachments, we distort the picture of reality and fail to see things as they are. Such delusions or misconceptions of reality are the root-cause of all our sufferings, and can prevent us from leading a worthy and happy life.

Neither the advancing technologies nor the existing world order can eliminate human suffering. It is only through the elimination of craving and ignorance one eliminates suffering. Whatever the benefits the humankind may reap from the latest scientific and technological advancements could be sustained and shared only if the human beings on this planet could put an end to greed, hatred, ill-will, jealousy and pride.


At the SLBM, we endeavour to integrate the most profound wholesome teachings of the Lord Buddha into a multicultural society bringing true happiness to individuals and families promoting social stability, and closing the gaps between different races, religions and nations. Only then would the family be in harmony, society in unity and the world at peace.


The essence of Buddha’s teachings found in the Theravada scriptures indicates that the truths connected with it are to be verified then and there; its benefits are not delayed; anyone can be called upon to directly witness its benefits by putting it into practice; it eventually leads to the desired goal and it could be tested by wise ones. Accordingly, our scholarly Resident monks are in the fore-front teaching the fundamental tenets of Buddhism – The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eight-fold path embracing wisdom, virtue and concentration, the four states of sublime life or divine abiding, the practice of Dana, Sila and Bhavana, Dependent Origination, the three universal characteristics of existence and the five aggregates.