Yasodhara Sinhala School (YSS)

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and transfer knowledge of the Sinhala Language and culture amongst Australian Sri Lankans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the learning of Sinhala language by educating and empowering our next generation with an immersive cultural and traditional experience.

To promote Sinhalese as a recognized Junior and Senior level-LOTE language within the Queensland education system to enhance multiculturalism and diversity.

History of Yasodhara Sinhala School (YSS)

A visit by a LOTE Official in 2008 – Year1

Yasodhara Sinhala School (YSS) was first established in year 2008 at the Sri Lankarama Buddhist Monastery (SLBM) in Ellen Grove, Queensland.

On opening, the school had 22 students enroled which soon grew to 54 in the same year. The Principal, Most Ven. Watttegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero’s guidance was influential in the initiation of the school and he was well supported by 2 Coordinators and two teachers. The school operates under the supervision and guidance of the Maha Sanga.

Current Status

Over the years YSS has grown to serve more than 155 students who study Sinhalese language under the guidance of 33 volunteer part-time language other than English (LOTE) teachers, who are well supported by a team of dedicated Coordinators.

The school term dates follow the academic calendar as decreed by Education Queensland. During the Queensland school term dates, YSS operates on Saturdays between 2:30pm to 4:30pm at the Sri Lankarama Buddhist Monastery, Ellen Grove. Currently, the school can accommadate students from Queensland Prep level through to Year 10. There are future plans to expand this teaching service to include students from Senior years and year 11 will commence from term 3 2019.


Since inception, the school was operated under the guidance and financial backing of the LOTE Centre and followed assessment and teaching criteria based on Education Queensland recommendations.

Yasodhara Sinhala School is a member of the Ethnic School Association of Queensland (ESAQ). ESAQ is an organisation formed by 23 other Ethnic language schools across Queensland. ESAQ facilitates our LOTE teachers with support materials and professional development opportunities. Additionally, ESAQ provides access to formal training through Education Queensland.


Parents and future students who wish to study Sinhalese at the Yasodhara Sinhala School are required to complete an enrolment form. The enrolment form is common to both the Yasodhara Sinhala and Dhamma Schools.

You may need to sit for a short profeciency test in order to allocate the right class level. Once completed, please submit this form to the Principal or Deputy Principal with your annual membership fee payment.


School Hours

2:30pm to 4:30pm every Saturday in the Sri Lankarama Buddhist Monastery (SLBM)

School Year Level YSS Class
Prep/ Year 1 Olu
Year 2/3 Nelum
Year 4 Manel
Year 5 Kumudu
Year 6 Araliya
Year 7 Namal
Year 8 Saman
Year 9 Sepalika
Year 10 Sal
Year 11/12 Kapuru

The School Administration

  • Most Venerable Wattegama Dhamaawasa Thero (The Principal)
  • Venerable Ihalagonagama Nanda Thero (Deputy Principal)
  • Venerable Nedimale Sudhamma Mehenin Wahanse (Teacher & Deputy Principal)
  • Dr Vimukthi Jayawardena (Coordinator for 2018)
  • Mr. Dharshana Ranasinghe (Coordinator for 2018)
  • Mr. Kamal Hewabatagoda (Coordinator for 2018)
  • Dr Thushara Gallage (Coordinator for 2018)

Our Teachers (2017/2018)

  • Venerable Gurudeniye Gnanaseeha Thero (Sepalika Class)
  • Mrs Thushari Lokugamage (Olu Class)
  • Mrs Priyanka Dissanayake (Olu Class)
  • Mrs Niranthi Thennakoon (Nelum Class)
  • Miss Chamathi Kossinna (Nelum Class)
  • Mrs Ruwani Jayasinghe (Manel Class)
  • Mrs Kanchana Herath (Manel Class)
  • Mrs Chrishantha Wanninayaka (Kumudu Class)
  • Mrs Nivanthi Jayawardena (Kumudu Class)
  • Dr Champa Ranasinghe (Araliya Class)
  • Mr Aruna Galagane (Araliya Class)
  • Mrs Naomi Wijesooriya (Namal Class)
  • Mrs Upuli Sudhasinghe (Namal Class)
  • Mrs Mihiri De Silva (Saman Class)
  • Mrs Aruni Arachchige (Saman Class)
  • Mrs Upeksha Perera (Sepalika Class)
  • Mrs Ganga Jayasuriya (Sepalika Class)
  • Mr Anuradha Wanninayaka (Cultural Art)
  • Mrs Anjani Weerasekara (Librarian)
  • Mr Kandula Jayakody (Librarian)
  • Mrs Dilini Kahadawala (Librarian)
  • Mr Darshana Rajapaksha (Librarian)
  • Mrs Chandrika Weerakkody (Librarian)
  • Mrs Chamika Ariyadasa (Librarian)
  • Mrs Amarani Heva Kokawalag (Media Art)
  • Mr Samantha Ranasinghe (Curriculum Editing)