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Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta

Setting in Motion of the Wheel of Dhamma SN 56.11 (S v 420) “Ekaṃ samayaṃ bhagavā bārāṇasiyaṃ viharati isipatane miga•dāye.Tatra kho bhagavā pañca•vaggiye bhikkhū āmantesi:” (On one occasion, the Bhagavā was staying at Varanasi in the Deer Grove at Isipatana. There, he addressed the group of five bhikkhus:) “Dve•me, bhikkhave, antā pabbajitena na sevitabbā.…


What is Mind?

Mind Yamaka Vagga The Twin Verses (Text and Translation by Ven. Narada) EVIL BEGETS EVIL 1. “Manopubbangama dhamma manosettha manomaya Manasa ce padutthena bhasati va karoti va…


What is Meditation?

“Wisdom springs from meditation – Without meditation wisdom wanes Having known these two paths of progress and decline One should so conduct oneself that wisdom increases” - The Buddha   Meditation is intended to purify the mind. It cleans the thought process of what can be called psychic irritations, things like greed, hatred and jealousy, things that keep you…