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Our Vision

The SLBM recognises that the religious ideals and moral values of Theravada Buddhism which have shaped the lives of many generations and different civilizations over the last 2600 years must be transmitted to global citizens living under constant duress and apprehension in a technologically driven society, in order to bring them contentment, peace and true happiness. To accomplish the above, the SLBM is committed to being a premier centre and major hub for disseminating, learning, preaching and practising of unblemished Theravada Buddhism that fosters social stability, harmonious living, shared prosperity and unity amongst different races, religions, and nations to achieve lasting world peace through the practice of unconditional compassion and loving-kindness for all sentient beings in the universe and beyond.

Our Mission

The SLBM shall fulfil its vision through numerous programs and activities that will direct the lay-practitioners in a virtuous middle path enabling them to experience the reality of life – the truth of suffering, the cause of suffering and the elimination of such defilements – and guiding them to achieve a high level of moral self-discipline, deep concentration and wisdom. Hence, the SLBM’s mission shall be to develop community practitioners to nurture the spirit of analysis and exploration of Theravada Buddhism in all its facets, and to integrate the principles of Buddhist Philosophy into a pluralistic society. Within the context of this multicultural fabric, the SLBM’s mission shall also encourage and foster an environment in which interdenominational dialogue inclusive of other great schools of Buddhism is supported, encouraged and utilized as a resource for personal development.

Our Proclamation

The SLBM declares to achieve cultural integration by articulating the basic tenets of Buddhism (unconditional compassion and loving-kindness) comprising ethical code of moral, spiritual and intellectual training leading to complete freedom of mind with a core of fundamental values accepted by the Australian society. Also, the SLBM proclaims to preserve the spiritual, philosophical, ethical, moral, intellectual, cultural and social heritage of the entire humankind.