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Our Vision

Yasodhara Dhamma School is open to school students who wish to learn Buddhism in a peaceful and serene Buddhist environment. The Buddha – Dhamma, which is learnt in this school environment, is imparted to students through teaching, learning and practice.

"Pannaya Parisujjhati" - "By Wisdom is one cleansed"


Yasodhara Dhamma School is a subdivision of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Monastery, Inc: (SLBM), which is a non profitable community organization. The Dhamma School conducted in the SLBM premises. The school operates under the leadership and guidance of the Maha Sanga.

The School provides and supports the development of social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, wellbeing of all students who attend the school from the Buddhist and non Buddhist backgrounds. Currently, there are over 300, students enrolled in the Dhamma School.


Dhamma School was initially started in 1993, in a small temple situated in Forest Lake. In 1995, it was transferred to the current address in Ellengrove.

The school didn’t function for a few years and started in 2002 by the leadership of Ven. Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero who initiated and implemented the new YMBA English Syllabus. The Venerable was assisted by a dedicated volunteer staff. When the new Sangawasa opened in 2004, it gave more learning space and elegance to the school and since then the school flourished with students and currently over 300 students are enrolled from preschool to Diploma level classes. When Sinhala School was initiated, Both Schools were named Yasodhara Dhamma and Sinhala School by the Most Ven. Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero.

School Hours

  • The Dhamma School is held from 4:40 – 6:30pm every Saturday at the SLBM premises
  • 4:20 – 4:40pm Students arrive at the main Hall
  • 4:45 – 5:00pm Buddhawandana followed by a short Dhamma Talk
  • 5:00 – 6:30pm Dhamma Classes Begin