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YMBA Exam Past Papers

Jathaka Tales and Buddhist Teachings

What are Jataka Tales
The Golden Swan
The True Friendship
The Golden Elephant
The Brave Goat
Maha Kapi Jathakaya
The Greedy Crow
The Value of Goodness
A Friend in Need
The Story of the Buddha
Vanarinda Jathakaya
Maha Kapi Jathakaya
Reborn as a Baby Elephant
The Mystery of the Missing Neckless
Maha Janaka Jathaka

For Senior Students

The Time When Buddha Could not Forgive
The Story of Kisagothami
Believe in You / Faith
To Calm Your Mind
An Encouraging Story
Less is More
Letting Go
Empty Your Mind
The Buddha Cured a Lazy Man
A Life Without Fears
The Law of Karma will Save Your Life
The Laws of Karma
Motivation for Life
The Suffering in Life
Be Your Own Saviour – Buddha’s Last Words
Loving Kindness - The Chant of Metta (In Pali/English)