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Dhamma School Curriculum

The school offers the educational Syllabuses established by the Young Members of the Buddhist Association (YMBA) Institute of Training in Sri Lanka.

The student’s learning experiences of Dhamma are drawn from the prescribed syllabus from the YMBA Course, which is designed to teach Dhamma to students in Sri Lanka and overseas. This course material is published by the YMBA, into book form and the parents are requested to purchase the relevant “Text Book” for each class from the Dhamma School. The examination is set by the YMBA in June each year, and after successful completion of each year-level, the participants are awarded certificates of achievements from YMBA and will be handed out to students at the Yasodhara Dhamma and Sinhala School Prize Giving. Students from Basic class up to Diploma class (Senior School) will follow the YMBA Syllabus and a special Dhamma School syllabus has been developed for Pre-prep up to Grade 3 (Junior School) students by the Dhamma School teachers. End of each term Junior school students will be evaluated by a term test.

Senior Part 1


Senior Part 2