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Our History

Sri Lankaramaya

The rapid development and phenomenal growth of SLBM is quite remarkable and unparallel to any similar religious institution in Australia. The following summary of events given in chronological order is a testimony to our claim.

The distinctive attributes that have contributed to the SLBM’s intrinsic evolutionary path are not commonly found in other similar Buddhist Monasteries around Australia. For example,

  • SLBM is the only Theravada Temple in Australia which has adapted the State Associations Incorporation Act to draft a constitution that allows the appointment of a Management Committee headed by a President and a Vice-President where both these positions shall always be filled by the Venerable Maha Sangha. This devolution of MC Powers to the guardians of Buddhism ensures the stability, security and sanctity of the Buddha Sasana
  • There is no other Theravada Buddhist Temple in Australia which has undertaken a comprehensive weekly program on “Sutta Discussions” ever, and continued to-date since 2004. These live discussions represent an attempt to disseminate Lord Buddha’s teachings as given in the original Pali Texts. The resident monks take great pains to research and retrieve such information from the original writings
  • The Buddhist community attending the SLBM is served by the most brilliant Buddhist Scholars graduated from the renowned Sri Subodharama Buddhist Centre in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. These pristine monks truly hold their monastic vows and are a blessing to the Sasana. The young scholars who arrived in Australia over the years embarked on a comprehensive religious and cultural program that awakened the Sri Lankan expatriates and rekindled their heritage
  • The SLBM constitution rules out affiliation with external organisations other than those that have objectives similar to those of the SLBM. The SLBM Incorporation as such shall not be or become a member or part of any other organisation. Similarly, no other independent organisation shall be a member or part of the SLBM Incorporation
  • The SLBM has never ever sought funding or grants from Local, State or Federal Government to implement its building or maintenance programs. It mainly relies on public donations and membership subscriptions to sustain and develop the monastery
  • The archived SLBM records can reveal every dollar donated to the SLBM Building Fund since its inception in 1990, and the details of donations received from the public are kept in individual files. This is a testimony to the strict code of conduct and financial accountability adopted by the Management Committee


1990 Dec

The year of Incorporation (Dept of Justice – Attorney General, Qld).

1991 Dec

Acquisition of first Land at 10 Naldham Cl, Forest Lake, QLD 4078.

1992 Jan

The building of new Temple/Awasa commenced at the above site.

1993 Jul

Construction completed in mid-June and the first Incumbent Monk arrived from Canada.

1993 Nov

Most Ven. Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero took over the Spiritual leadership of the Monastery

1995 Jul

Moved into an acreage property at 114, Considine St, Ellen Grove in July. Sold the Forrest Lake Property.

1995 Oct

A sacred Bo-Tree raised from a sapling was planted.

1996 Jan

Placement of a Samadhi Statue at the old Dhamma Hall.

1996 Nov

Establishment of a fence around the Bodhi Tree.

2000 Aug

Foundation laying ceremony for the Pagoda (Stupa).

2001 May

The Pagoda enshrining the sacred relics of Lord Buddha was completed.

2001 Aug

Placement of Chooda Manikya on the pinnacle of the Stupa.

2003 Jul

Commencement of Construction of Sangawasaya.

2004 Mar

The consecration of a new two-storey domicile (Sanghawasa) to the guardians of Buddhism.

2005 Oct

Foundation-laying ceremony for the Bodhi Prakara.

2006 Nov

The mounting of a Samadhi Buddha statue under the shelter of the sacred Bo-Tree.

2007 May

A parapet wall (Bodhi Prakara) protecting the Bodhi-Tree was completed in May with 28 open grottos mounted on the wall enshrining 28 statues portraying the past Buddhas.

2008 Mar

Inauguration of Yasodhara Sinhala School.

2009 Oct

The historic consecration of a Chapter-House (Seema Malakaya), for the first time on Australian soil.

2011 Mar

The development approval for the Educational and Cultural Complex (ECC) was granted by the BCC.

2012 May

A commercial contract to build Stage 1 of the ECC was signed. Excavations to construct the first stage of ECC.

2013 Mar

Placement of a marble Samadhi Buddha statue in the New Religious Chamber (Dhamma Hall).

2013 Jun

Introduction of new uniforms for Yasodhara Sinhala and Dhamma School Students & Teachers.

2013 Jun

Ceremonial opening of the first stage of ECC.

2014 Aug

A commercial contract was signed to build ECC Stage II

2015 Mar

25th Anniversary of Prathibha Cultural Show.

2015 Jul

The laying of the foundation to build stage 2 of the ECC.

2015 Aug

Bhikkhu Ordination.

2016 May

Opening of the second stage of ECC.

2017 May

Placing Buddha relics at the opening of the Buddha statue in the Sangawasaya.

2017 May

Opening of the new pathway for Walking Meditation.

2018 Jul

Re-opening of The Completed Chapter House.

2018 Jul

SLBM 25th Anniversary & Foundation laying ceremony for the Awukana Buddha statue.

2018 Aug

Commencement of Car Park Construction.

2019 Nov

Opening of shelter for the Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva statue.

2020 Feb

Purchase of new land at 128 Considine Street, Ellen Grove, QLD 4078 for further development of the SLBM.

2020 Apr

Commencement of communication via ZOOM during COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 May

Commencement of Temple lighting project.