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Our School


Yasodhara Sinhala School (YSS) was founded by venerable Sudhamma (earlier Mrs. Niranjala Weerakoon) with twenty-two students, two teachers, and two coordinators under the guidance of Most Venerable Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero in 2008. In the reflection of the hard work during the past twelve years, now the school has grown up to over 170 students supported by over 40 staff members including teachers, librarians and coordinators. The school is funded by the Education Queensland since the inception and we have been serving the Brisbane Sri Lankan community by teaching sinhala language, Sri Lankan history, Sinhalese culture and the value system to young Australian Sri Lankans to strengthen multiculturalism in Australia.
Currently, we have ten classes covering from preparation level up to Year 11. In addition, we conduct two special classes specially designed for newly joined students from any age group with no prior Sinhala knowledge. We follow Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) guidelines to develop our curriculums for each level. Our students are facilitated with a printed textbooks as well as multimedia-based learning materials to deliver the language effectively. Furthermore, we have a special program called “Cultural Forum” to improve our student’s awareness on Sri Lankan culture and history.
YSS is a member of the Ethnic School Association of Queensland (ESAQ) (, an organisation formed by 24 other ethnic language schools across Queensland liaises with Community Languages Australia (CLA) on behalf of the After Hours Ethnic Schooling Program (AHES). The ESAQ facilitates our teachers with professional development opportunities as well as provides access to formal training through Queensland department of education.

Our Vision

Empower multiculturalism in Australia with Sinhala language and Sri Lankan culture.

Our Mission

YSS is committed to deliver a transformative learning experience to all our young generations of Brisbane Sri Lankan community to enhance their Sinhala language skills along with an insight into precious Sri Lankan heritage, culture and traditional values.

Rules and Regulations

  • Parents should fill the enrolment form at the beginning of each year or at the time of enrolment during the year
  • Students are required to attend the School regularly
  • Children are required to participate in special events, such as Prathibha, Sinhala New Year festival etc
  • Children must wear the YSS school uniform which can be purchased from the school
  • Behave in the best manner and use quiet voices at all times
  • Respect Ven. Monks, teachers, parents and follow their instructions
  • Respect fellow students and do not disturb them in or outside the classes
  • Remove footwear, hats and caps when entering the temple
  • Parents are expected to clean and arrange the classes based on the cleaning roster date allocated to them
  • Parents are required to purchase text books from the YSS coordinators
  • Every student is expected to bring the textbook and required stationary items daily
  • Parents must not enter classrooms during the class time unless required by the teacher (Except for Oolu class)
  • Inform administration office know any changes to the information given at the time of registration
  • Please provide both parents contact numbers and they must be able to contact immediately in any emergency
  • At least one parent or any responsible adult for the student should stay at the temple premises during School time

School Policies and Processes

  • YSS-Child and youth risk management Strategies
  • A regulatory requirement by QLD Education. YSS implemented the policy in year 2019 and adhere to all instructions and/or directions.
  • YSS-Process manual
  • A summary of all current processes in YSS. This is used to allocate responsibilities of coordinators and administrative staff.
  • Yasodhara School policy
  • A common policy document for both YSS and YDS, approved and implemented by SLBM management committee.